The 5 Key Reasons Why Many Web Developers are Opting for the Joomla CMS

There are 5 key reasons as to why many web developers are opting for the Joomla Content Management System (CMS):

  1. Joomla is very user-friendly: This means that creating a website using Joomla is easy. It also means that updating a website that was created using Joomla is easy. At another level, it means that installing Joomla itself (on the control panel) is easy. It also means that the websites created using Joomla are easy to navigate… So Joomla’s user-friendliness means so many things. But the bottom-line is that it makes Joomla very attractive to web developers.
  2. Joomla is truly free: There are many content management systems out there that claim to be ‘free’. But many of them are not ‘free’ in the true sense of the word. You find that there are strings attached (like where you find that some components have to be paid for, in spite of the CMS being allegedly ‘free’). Not so with Joomla, which is free in the truest sense of the word.
  3. Joomla is open source: This means that there is a huge community of enthusiastic users whom you can get support from/share notes with. This also means that there is a huge community of users who are always figuring out ways of making Joomla better (and practically improving it). So it is unlike some proprietary content management systems, whose user support options are so few.
  4. Joomla is very highly versatile: Joomla’s versatility is mainly thanks to the fact that it is designed to get attached to all manner of extensions. Thus, thanks to Joomla’s versatility, you find that you can do pretty much anything with it.
  5. Joomla is truly mobile-friendly: We are living in an age when people are seeking to access all manner of web services through mobile devices. It is not uncommon, for instance, to find someone going to the extent of following up on the mail offer on a mobile device. Therefore, the question of mobile-friendliness has become very important to web developers. You find that web developers are keen on only using content management systems that are truly mobile friendly – and Joomla happens to fit that bill perfectly.

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